Adult Diploma / GED

Adult Diploma

The Adult Diploma Program provides job training and a new pathway for adults, ages 22 or older, to earn a high school diploma AND industry credentials aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs. What makes this program different from a traditional high school setting is the delivery of instruction to adults. Instead of measuring academic achievement through clock hours, seat time or credits earned, the focus is on a competency-based approach that provides a self-paced option. Once competencies have been learned, adults then demonstrate mastery of skill. Each eligible adult works with the provider to create a customized student success plan.

The 22+ Adult HSD Program helps adults earn a high school diploma. The program is free to adults who are over 22 years old, living in Ohio and do not have a diploma or a GED. Counselors work with the adult learners to develop individual plans to identify the courses and assessments needed to graduate and earn a diploma. Providers try their best to schedule instructional dates and times to meet the needs of adult learners. Please contact one of the 22+ Adult HSD Programs listed below where someone will answer your questions and help you enroll in a program to earn your high school diploma. To receive information and deadline reminders about Ohio's 22+ Adult Diploma Program text OHED DP to 468311.

  • Age:  Open to adults 22+
  • Diploma Type:  Locally-issued High School Diploma awarded
  • Availability:  Available at educational approved institutions throughout the state
  • Testing:  Students must meet the graduation requirements from the time of entry in 9th grade (i.e. earn required number of credits; pass OGT/proficiency, etc.)
  • Duration:  Maximum of 2 consecutive years to complete program
  • Requirements:   There are no minimum number of High School credits required but there is limit of 2 consecutive years for a student to earn credits.
  • Additional Requirements:  No requirement to pursue higher education degree
  • Best for...:  Best for adults who want to earn a High School Diploma and want to pursue any career field (not just in-demand jobs)


GED preparation is provide Monday through Thursday at two locations in Lawrence County Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm: Ironton WDRC 740-532-3140 x1260 Collins Career Technical Center 304-416-0391 These services are offered at no cost to the student. Students participating in the GED preparation course may obtain a fee waiver for the GED examination. The classes enable students to learn basic skills at their own pace. Classroom experiences will involve individual instruction along with classroom demonstrations. Students may enter the program at anytime by calling 740-532-3140